What is a pathologist?

A pathologist is a physician who has completed residency training in anatomic and/or clinical pathology. Pathology is the identification of diseases and disorders using a microscope and other instrumentation to perform tests on tissue and blood samples.

What does a pathologist do?

A pathologist uses a microscope and often other tests to examine tissue biopsies and blood samples. The pathologist then combines clinical information (observations your doctor has made about your signs and symptoms) with microscopic observations of your biopsy and tests performed on your blood sample to make a diagnosis.

Is pathology a lab test?

Pathology is a consultative service provided to you and your doctor — it is not simply a laboratory test. The tests a pathologist uses are his or her tools, but ultimately the decision regarding a particular diagnosis is based on the pathologist’s expertise and training in the interpretation of your biopsy or blood sample

Why to choose PPL Diagnostics?

We provide expert consultation to evaluate tissue samples for all cancerous and noncancerous disorders of the body, with the diagnosis rendered by board-certified pathologists who have subspecialty training in the analysis of diseases in specific parts of the body and who work in a world-class academic medical center. Our pathologists are nationally and internationally renowned and are highly regarded in their fields. We see a high volume of many different types of cases, which expands our knowledge and experience and which translates to better care for you.

What do I need to bring for my test?

You will need to bring your Pathology Request form which your doctor would have given to you and your Medicare Card. If you have a DVA or Healthcare card, please bring them too.

How do I get my sample collection done?

PRIMUS has an extensive Home Collection Service where an experienced Collector can come and perform the blood collection within the comfort of your own home. This service is available to most patients, but especially offers great convenience to those patients who are very ill or frail. Please call on +91 9930 88 55 30 for enquiries or to make a booking.

Do I need to fast?

The majority of tests do not require you to fast, however there are some tests (eg. Cholesterol, Glucose) that require you to fast for a specific length of time. This means not having anything to eat or drink (water is allowed) for that time period. Your doctor should inform you if you are required to fast and whether to continue your medication whilst fasting. Please do not hesitate to contact PRIMUS should you wish to clarify this.

Can I access my own results?

Primus pathology will provide you with a hard as well as a soft copy of your reports on your Email/Whatsapp.